Hurt Quotes, Quotes on Hurt

4 Hurt Quotes on Trust, Sad And Love

Hurt Quotes

Innocent and Nice People
Get Hurt in Life Easily.
Because, They Trust the
Wrong People.
Be Careful of Your Company.

When People Hurt You
Over and Over Again.
Think of Them
Like a Sandpaper.
They May Scratch and
Hurt You a Bit. But,
in the End…
You End up Polished and
They End up Useless.

Hurt Quotes of Karma

When You Have a Good Heart.
You Help too Much.
You Trust too Much.
You Give too Much.
You Love too Much.
And, It Always Seem Like
You are the One
Who Gets Hurt the Most.

Sometimes If You Are Hurt,
Just Let It Go, No Worries.
Right Man Will Come Along
And Serenade You And
You Will Be Happy Again.

Love Hurt Quotes


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